Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My Weekend....

Something a little different, just had to share.  Last weekend we went to Perth and stayed with our eldest daughter's family.  Our daughter gave my Husband tickets to see the Rod Stewart Concert for his Birthday.  It was a fabulous Concert on a most perfect night out in the open air at NIB Stadium.
We looked after these two little cuties while their parents worked.
And then we went on to the show.
Diesel was the supporting Act.
 The stage from a distance with the part of the crowd.
 The fabulous Rod.  Rod sung a lot of his old hits with only a few of the newer ones. He even introduced his son Aiden on the stage and showed photos of the rest of the Children all dressed in the Celtic Football outfits.
 I loved the backdrop for this one.
 Rod is not so clear on the large screen in this one, but he was singing one of my favs "We Are Sailing"
It was a fun weekend, we caught up with one of the other Grand Daughter's too. 
If you are going along to one of the Concerts I know you will enjoy it.
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  1. You lucky woman! You got to see/hear Rod Stewart in person

  2. sounds like you had a great weekend. Your photos came out well. Nice to catch up with your grand kids as well.

  3. Your grandchildren are gorgeous! You must be so proud of them.


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