Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Our Holiday - Fremantle to Hong Kong 2012 - Taronga Zoo

Happy Thursday Everyone,
Today's post is a roundup of our visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, mainly for my International followers to show off our Australian Wildlife.  It was a very enjoyable day, well worth visiting.  I loved the signage as you can see from the photos and some of the animals are real posers.
Main entrance to Taronga Zoo

Birds at the Children's Playground

Black Swan
Koala Bear
Ant Eater/Echidna
Kangaroo, spot the Baby Joey
Wallaby with Joey
Wallaby with Joey
This Kookaburra sat in the tree just next to the Restaurant where we had Lunch.  I took the photo and so did some other Patrons, then it swooped down on some diners at an outside table and stole their Lunch.  Talk about cheeky!!
Building within the Zoo Grounds

Baby Elephant playing with a brick
 Mountain Goats or Deer
Pygmy Hippo's
Mere Cat

Is it Real? ......

This one is.

Thanks' for taking a peek today.
Cat's Ink Siggy

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